Youth Day Holiday Parade: Marching against Homosexuality

Youth Day Holiday Parade:  Marching against Homosexuality

This photo is from the Cameroon Tribune. During the national holiday called “YOUTH DAY” this group marched carrying a flag bearing the words: “YOUTH, Prohibit the Road to Homosexuality!” This group is led by Sismondi Barlev Bidjocka, a so-called journalist who published an article titled “Heinrich Himmler, THE NAZIS and HOMOSEXUALITY.  THE NAZIS MADE ERRORS ON MANY THINGS SUCH AS THE GENOCIDE OF THE JEWS, BUT FOR AT LEAST ONE THING THEY WERE RIGHT: HOMOSEXUALITY IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY” in December 2012

The march in Yaounde – pictured above – took place while Albert and I were in Douala meeting with Human Rights/LGBT rights groups.

Try to imagine this in the US – feels a bit like the march of a clan rally or a gathering of skin heads.  Or, the violently anti-choice crowd – blocking access to clinics and carrying pictures of mutilated fetuses to shame women.  Imagine this in the US – where we can stand this kind of thing under the First Amendment.  Now, imagine it in a US where being LGBT is a crime punishable by up to 5 years in a filthy, nightmarish prison.

Imagine, on to of that this group marched against homosexuals during a national holiday parade.  A holiday parade that required building bleachers, podiums and viewing stands all along a massive parade route through a city with a population over 2 million.  Imagine these kids under the direction of an anti-gay man feeding them lies about gays and the Nazis, marching past a delegation of our highest elected officials – including our president and his cabinet.

That is what happened in Yaounde.  Imagine that happening here.


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