“Not in Africa”

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This from The Daily Nation:

A peaceful anti-homosexuality protest march dubbed “Not in Africa” has been planned for February 24, the Maendeleo Ya Wanaume activist Nderitu Njoka announced on Tuesday.

Speaking to journalists in Nairobi, Mr Njoka said the phenomenal growth for gay and lesbian rights was alarming and has become a threat to the social fabric of the African continent.

This “not in Africa” idea confounds me.  I understand it is convenient to blame the West for bringing the gay to Africa – that’s what anti-gay pastors, politicians and policymakers want everyone to believe.  No, friends, homosexuality has always been around (by the way why not the outrage against polygamy or child marriage?) homophobia – this deadly, overt and vicious mass homophobia – has not.

Now, is the West (mostly but not always right-wing Evangelicals) on the hook for vicious homophobia in Sub-Saharan Africa?  Yes, there is plenty of evidence, research, articles and first hand experiences that support that idea.


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