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Yaounde Prison: Part III

We didn’t have much time with the prisoners.  Since it was in the Governor’s office we spoke in hushed voices.  The PR guy sat near a 1970s television in a crisp white shirt, long jean shorts and a pair of high-top sneakers.  He just listened in.  Observed.  Every once in a while he would interject … Continue reading

Yaounde Prison: Part I

There is a chalkboard the size of a ping-pong table affixed to the wall.  On it is the daily tally of prisoners.  Today there are 4113.  The prison administrator – we started calling him the “Governor” – keeps track of the inmates moves.  This one is in hospital, that one is being transferred another set … Continue reading

Prison Tickets

We got our tickets for prison and it only cost 2000 Cameroonian Francs.  That is around $4 USD.  Not bad to get into jail.  We go tomorrow (Sunday) to visit the LGBT prisoners who are in prison for being just who they are.  There are 16 (suspected up to 25 in Douala and Yaounde) imprisoned … Continue reading